Friday, January 14, 2011

I just got call from a telemarkter

A message to all Telemarketers... Stop Calling MY HOUSE>>>>
iam going to say no every time and i might even hang up right away, I defiantly think its a waist of time.

Mike would Defiantly hang up in their face.

What would i do

If i see an animal in pain and suffering would i kill it on the spot with anything that i had,,,,,
Yes i would it is definatly a no brainer.

Google translator

Apperently all android phones will have a real time translation app, So baciskly you sppek and two seconds later it will talk back in the desired language. Know that freaky, but at the same time freakin lazy from the part of people. Soo will all be like the chiness and depend on our mobile devices, what happen to learning new languages to old and hard way. Slowly all app will elimante a bunch of jobs.

Apple about to Hit Ten BILLLION downloads

Well look at that apple is about to hit Ten Billion download from the app store, What would i do. I would try to shut the company down as soon as possible. You guys dont know what your infor the company is becoming a power house and soon will take over the world.

Hey and welcome

I am about to go live and I'm really exited, This blog is all about what i would do in situation, it could be anything including a remark someone might have said to, actual real life events. Get my opinion and don't be shy to comment on it or ask me questions. Thanks for following.